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C.H.I.P. Community Housing Improvement Program C.H.I.P. Community Housing Improvement Program


What is C.H.I.P?


The Community Housing Improvement Program, better known as “C.H.I.P”, is a government grant established for communities offering low to moderate income households help with their home improvements


What’s Available through

a C.H.I.P Program



The purpose of this program is to Rehabilitate single-family housing units, which are owned and occupied by low to moderate-income households. 

Eligible items for this program include installation and/or

repairs to foundations, roofs, gutters, electrical upgrades, plumbing, furnaces, hot water heaters, insulation, windows, doors, accessibility improvements and lead based paint reduction.


This program is to provide home repairs to eligible single family housing units, which are owned and occupied by low to moderate income households.

Eligible items for the program include roofs, handicapped accessibility, water taps, septic repairs or replacements.


(aka Home Buyers Assistance)

The purpose of this to assist eligible low to moderate income households in purchasing and rehabilitating modest, affordable, single family housing units to be used as their residence.

Eligible items for this program include down payment/ closing assistance and items covered under owner rehabilitation program.



Household income is determined by the total gross income for the last completed year reported on federal tax forms by all household members, 18 years of age or older, living in the home. Applicable forms include IRS 1040, W2’s, SSA 1099 and others. Proof of current income must also be provided to ensure eligibility at the time of application and to determine an income projection for the next twelve months.

How Much Can I Get?


The program does not guarantee funding to everyone that applies….so you may get nothing. However, if you qualify, the program may provide funds up to  $ 35,000 per home for Owner Rehabilitation Program, up to $ 8,000 per  home for the Home Repair Program and up to $5,000 per home for the Home Buyers Assistance Program. Funding priority is determined by the program guidelines, which include household income, the priority rating of your home, your housing needs and availability of funds.



Adams County Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), sponsored  by HUD, ODOD and The Adams County Commissioners, is committed to promoting quality housing to protect the heath and safety of eligible residents of Adams County.

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